David Rosser

David Rosser was born in Blackpool in 1940.

He was a loving Father, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather, and a dear friend to Marina.

But he was also much more than that. He was a joyful, funny, caring, kind-hearted soul who loved his family dearly, enjoyed the company of his friends and was always ready to lend a helping hand to others.

Despite poor health from an early age and the memory struggles he faced in his later years,
he was always able to put a smile on our faces with his quick-witted humour. Being smartly dressed and prepared for the day was important to him and he was always ready for a “cup of tea”.

The team at Springhill Hospice made his final days very special for him. He was well looked after, supported, and pampered by the amazing staff there. With delicious home-cooked meals always on offer, together with David’s favourite ‘a cup of tea with freshly baked cakes’, there was a warmth, compassion, and attention to detail that we will forever value.
From his room, he had a lovely view of the beautiful garden filled with trees and wildlife and the comfort of a nice, warm bed. In this caring, calm environment, he felt able to relax and finally found peace. All the things that are essential for a peaceful passing from our earth. Surrounded by family, David passed away on 25th December 2021.

We hope that Springhill Hospice, its staff, and volunteers can continue to help other families and make a difference for loved ones in their time of need. So please, have a nice “cup of tea” in memory of David and perhaps think about how you could also support them and the vital work they do.


Erika, Keith, Oscar& Ava

Happy birthday, Dad. Grandad. Thinking of you always, missing you more each day. Forever we will love you and in o...

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Erika, Keith, Oscar, Ava & Marina xxxxx

Merry Christmas We love and miss you so much, but know you are here with us. xxxxx


Paul Rosser

Thanks for looking after our loving Father David Rosser, we miss him so much. If I could be near him right now ...

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Erika, Paul and Marina

We love and miss you so much, but know you are always with us. xxx THANK YOU SPRINGHILL ...

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