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Can you be a Hospice Hero?

and why your donation makes a meaningful difference

Dawn's son, Tom was diagnosed with a terminal condition at just 29. As a husband and father of two beautiful girls, Tom decided he wanted his last days to be at home amongst his family and loved ones.

Dawn has very kindly shared her experience with us in the following video and talks about the real and positive difference it made to the whole family.  

Springhill Hospice, and how we were able to support Tom, his mother Dawn and his loved ones through the most difficult time of their lives.  

By making a regular gift to Springhill Hospice, you can ensure our specialist services are always available for patients who need them and to their loved ones, like Dawn.

"We all deserve to die in the way we want, don't we"

No matter the value, a regular donation from you really would make a difference

At Springhill Hospice, we understand that we can't always change the outcome for a patient, but we can change the journey.

My name is Charlotte and I am one of the Doctors at Springhill Hospice.

Did you know that Springhill is the only Palliative Care Team in the borough of Rochdale? Most people think we are a part of the NHS, but we are actually a registered charity and get most of our funding from donations from kind people, like you. It costs just under £15,000 each day to provide our incredible services at Springhill Hospice and more than half of this needs to come from our local community. We are so grateful for all the support we currently receive.

But sadly, due to the impact that the cost of living crisis has had on the Hospice, we are predicted toremain in an £800,000 deficit at the end of 2024, which may force us to cut some of the services that we offer.

At Springhill, I spend time with patients and their loved ones and support them in every way that I can. For myself and my team nothing is too much trouble, we always find a way. We have amazing drive, determination and focus but sadly the impact the pandemic and the economic crisis has had on our finances, means the future could be looking very bleak for Springhill.

The work that we do wouldn’t be possible without the help of local supporters just like you. I understand that the cost of living crisis will have had an impact on you too, but after talking to families every day I recognise that people don’t realise the importance of the Hospice until they need it. We have supported your community for 35 years and and I am really scared we wont be here for the next 35. This is why I would like to personally ask if you could be a Springhill Hospice Hero and regularly give in a way that is manageable for you. 

Thank you for your kind support.

How your regular gift can make a difference 

A gift of £5 per month could help provide expert advice and guidance over the phone to a family in distress, during what is sure to be one of the most difficult times in their lives.

A gift of £10 per month could provide a patient at the Hospice with nutritious home cooked meals for a day. 

A gift of £20 per month could ensure a person who is recently bereaved and struggling with their loss can find support through the counselling services Springhill Hospice provides.

Thank you for making every moment count

Kind words from people cared for by Springhill Hospice

"I've been using Day Therapies for 2 years now, I don't know where I'd be without it." - Debbie

"Dad was so well cared for and his final weeks were spent surrounded by what I can only describe as true angels. The support they gave to me and my family during this time was immeasurable, I will forever be in their debt." - Lyn

"If you'd have told me two years ago that I'd be talking, crying, painting, writing poetry and even gardening, and with such confidence, I would have laughed! With the help of the Counselling Team, I now understand that it is okay to cry, it's okay to talk openly, and through art and poetry, this 42 year old truck driver CAN still have a voice." - Carl

"The most magical thing about Springhill is that they provide the most marvellous service, not only for patients, but aftercare for all their loved ones too." - Linda and Susan 

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