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Springhill Hospice (Rochdale)

Broad Lane
Rochdale, Lancashire
OL16 4PZ, UK

t: 01706 649920
24 Hour Advice Line: 01706 653555
f: 01706 644943

Incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee No: 2325905
Registered Charity No: 701798.

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Executive Management Team

Julie Halliwell
Chief Executive
t: 01706 649920 

Sheila Johnson
Director of Clinical Services
t: 01706 649920

Clinical Management Team

Dr Chris Pick
Medical Director
t: 01706 649920 
e: chris.pick@nhs.net

Ann Gray
Ward Sister
t: 01706 649920 
e: ann.gray7@nhs.net

Louvain Birchenough
Community Services Manager
t: 01706 649920 
e: louvain.birchenough@nhs.net

Alison Hepworth
Psychological & Supportive Care Manager
t: 01706 649920 
e: alison.hepworth@nhs.net

Corporate Management Team

Julie Perry
Corporate Services Manager
t: 01706 649920
e: julie.perry6@nhs.net

Emily Kennedy
Head of Income Generation and Marketing
t: 01706 641970 (opt 1)
e: emily.kennedy4@nhs.net


Chris Fostinis
Admissions Co-Ordinator
t: 01706 649920
e: christine.fostinis@nhs.net

Springhill Hospice Lottery Ltd

Broad Lane
Rochdale, Lancashire 
OL16 4PZ, UK

t: 01706 631013

Fundraising and Retail

Fundraising Office - Springhill Tea Room & Gift Shop
7 Broad Lane                                                                    Rochdale, Lancashire 
OL16 4PZ, UK

t: 01706 641790 (opt 1)                                                                      e: fundraising@springhill.org.uk                       



Jane Ashworth
Education Lead
t: 01706 649920
e: education.springhill@nhs.net