Support services

The Support Services Team is made up of staff working in catering, housekeeping, laundry, gardening, general maintenance and volunteer support. They all work tirelessly to help keep the Hospice a safe, clean and pleasant environment for patients, visitors, staff and volunteers.

The Team provides a wide range of assistance throughout the Hospice, so that others can get on with what they need to do and what’s important to them.  If an urgent repair is needed; a patient or visitor fancies a snack; fresh bedding and towels are required, or we are clearing away the snow to keep the Hospice accessible, Support Services staff are always on hand to help.

Our Catering Team plays a key role in the care provided by Springhill Hospice.  First and foremost, they aim to satisfy the dietary needs of each and every patient by preparing appetising nutritional meals that are hard to resist.  With a little encouragement from our experienced and accommodating staff, even patients who have lost their appetite altogether can start to rediscover the pleasures of eating.

"She is really enjoying such lovely home-made ‘proper’ food.  Well done Cooks"

"Thank you for the delicious food during our time here with you.  It kept our soul together"

"Just the thing for people who have lost their appetites"

Meals and snacks are also available to visitors throughout the day; all we ask is that you order at Reception as early as you can, so we don’t keep you waiting.

Here at the Hospice we believe first impressions are very important and that’s why we take so much care of our award winning grounds.  Maintained by our hardy team of gardening staff and volunteers, the grounds are there for everyone to enjoy and it’s nice to know that they bring a great deal of pleasure to so many.  Our annual Open Garden Day is an opportunity for the general public to come and experience the colour and splendour of the gardens each summer.

"I love the flowers…. Spending time in the garden with my family is really important to me"

"Looking through the windows it reminds me of the garden I used to have"

"I enjoy watching the wildlife come in and out of the garden"

"The garden is kept so beautiful.  It’s a credit to them"

We pride ourselves on keeping the Hospice clean, comfortable and safe for everyone.  Whether you are visiting the Hospice as a patient, or coming in to spend time with a relative or friend, you can always expect the highest standards from the Support Services Team.

Since 2013 Support Services has provided opportunities for young people aged 18 – 25 to be trained in a variety of roles through its Apprenticeship Scheme.  While making an important contribution to the day-to-day work of the Hospice, apprentices undertake a combination of ‘on the job’ training and college based learning to improve their prospects for future employment.

Complementing the work of the Support Services Team are the Finance/Administration Teams, offering a full range of finance, administrative and secretarial support to all service areas and Hospice activities.

Working very much behind the scenes, both Teams make a valuable contribution to the overall experience of patients, their relatives and friends, staff and volunteers, doing all they can to ensure their contact with us is the best it possibly can be.

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