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Springhill Crafts

Springhill’s Crafty Ladies

Every year for the last 11 years, Christine Jones and Maureen Stiles have masterminded a team of knitting ladies whose crafty ideas and nimble fingers have knitted their way to raising over £170,000 for Springhill Hospice.

Over the years, the dynamic duo has expanded their network of unsung heroes and heroines who, using odds and ends and donated materials, create something from nothing and sell it for the Hospice.

With firm favourites like Dammit Dolls, Happiness Kits, beautiful baby booties and hand knitted socks, to name but a few, they keep the Springhill Crafts shop at the Hospice, our charity shops and their own huge tombolas and stalls stocked to brimming.

“ We create great presents and quirky gifts for all occasions.  All of our products are handmade, the amazing quality and value means our children’s cardigans and jumpers are very popular and as for the socks...they fly off the shelves.  Even HRH the Duchess of Gloucester couldn’t resist our handmade socks, she bought a pair for herself during her recent visit to the Hospice” – Christine Jones

Maureen added “We also create bespoke wedding favours which is great because on your happy day, the Hospice is benefitting”.

Would you like Springhill Crafts to create bespoke wedding favours for your special day?  Do you have an outlet for these beautifully crafted gifts?  Would you like to make an order?  If so, contact Fundraising on 01706 641790.