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Calderbrook Alpacas return to bring joy to patients at Springhill Hospice.

Calderbrook Alpacas return to bring joy to patients at Springhill Hospice.

Added 10th July 2022

Calderbrook Alpacas return to bring joy to patients at Springhill Hospice.

With the main objective of spreading joy and ‘making people smile’, The Calderbrook Alpacas family was founded in 2018. Located in Littleborough, the unique company own eleven Huacaya alpacas (and one slightly confused sheep, Lambo) that provide memorable and unique experiences to the borough of Rochdale.
George and Eclipse from Calderbrook Alpacas visited Springhill Hospice in June 2021, to lift the spirits of patients and staff alike with their charming and friendly nature. Led by Joanne Schembri, founder of Calderbrook Alpacas, the woolly visitors took a tour of Springhill Hospice’s award winning gardens – all while Joanne gave an insightful peek into the wonderful world of alpacas. 

Eclipse and George were extremely well mannered and brought a smile to so many patients, as they were fed treats and entertained many of the team at the Hospice with their presence.
Due to their positive impact on so many of the patients at the Hospice, Calderbrook Alpacas  kindly offered to visit the Hospice once again on Thursday 28th July 2022, hoping to bring the delight and fascination that follows these magnificent animals. George and Eclipse returned this year along with Ziggy to brighten up everyone’s day.

Joanne Schembri said, “Alpacas are wonderful for our well-being, they are such gentle-natured, beautiful, friendly and sociable animals. You cannot help but smile when you’re around them, which is why we love visiting places like Springhill Hospice. We love seeing everybody’s happy, smiley faces when they are in the company of the alpacas. It makes what we do very rewarding. Creating memories and making people smile.”

Sam Wells, Chief Executive at Springhill Hospice, said, “We are so grateful to Joanne and ‘the boys’ as she calls them for giving their time for free to visit the Hospice. It’s so special for our patients to have such a unique experience which they can share with their families. It’s impossible to interact with an alpaca without a huge smile on your face!”

Springhill Hospice extends many thanks the amazing team at Calderbrook Alpacas for providing patients with this exceptional experience, and helping to bring joy to so many individuals living with life-limiting illness.
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