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Charity Shops – Supporting Springhill across the Borough

Through your generous donations and purchases Springhill’s Charity shops are thriving.

You know how a charity shop works; you kindly donate unwanted new or used goods to our Hospice shops and we sell them, donating the money raised to the Hospice. It couldn’t be simpler. In effect it is one big, continuous ‘Bring and Buy Sale’ that keeps you happy, the Hospice happy and landfill sites empty.

This system of recycling means you are being green in more ways than one – Springhill Green. THANK YOU

How do you donate goods?

There are two ways to donate new or used goods to the Hospice:

  • Drop by and drop off – give your donations to any of our shops or even to the Hospice.
  • Furniture, larger donations or no access to transport? Phone The Emporium on 01706 522844.

We can only accept donations that are in good working order and are saleable.  Goods that you donate that are broken, that we are unable to resell, recycle or up-cycle, have to be sorted and taken to the tip.  Springhill Hospice is charged for every item sent to landfill sites, your donation therefore has the opposite effect – it directs funds away from patient services.  This being the case, our drivers will always inspect goods to make sure they are suitable.  If your goods are rejected we mean no offence.

Goods we cannot accept

Large backed televisions, video tapes, records and audio tapes, soiled items and damaged books.

If you are unsure, call us in fundraising 01706 641790

Volunteer at our shops

Have you got a couple of hours a week to spare and fancy helping at one of our Hospice Charity Shops?  Pop into any of our charity shops and have a natter with one of our Team Leaders or, alternatively, contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator:-

Gill Kenny, on 01706 649920 or gillian.kenny@nhs.net


Our charity shops have their very own Facebook Page.  For information about promotions, offers and bargains as they arrive log on to www.­facebook.­com/­sprin­ghi­llhos­pi­ceshops

List of shops


This is our central Warehouse and Donation Centre.   Furniture deliveries and collections are coordinated from here and the ‘department store’ layout allows us to also sell a wide range of furniture, home furnishings, electricals, books, dvds, children’s toys and clothes and mens & ladies clothing.

Manager:   Michael Brennan
Address:    Jacksons Corner, Milnrow Road/Molesworth Street, Rochdale OL16 1UD
Telephone: 01706 522844
Hours:        9:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday to Saturday


Located on bustling Market Street, this shop has hidden gems spread over two floors. Take a look upstairs for an item you never knew you wanted!

Address:    3 Market Street, Heywood OL10 1HT
Telephone: 01706 360771
Hours:        9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday to Friday 
                  9:00 am – 4:00 pm Saturday


This newly refurbished shop is situated in the centre of Rochdale’s shopping district at the top of Yorkshire Street.  Here you can find a wide range of formal party and evening wear, along with wedding accessories, hats, veils and bags.

Manager:   Lynda Foster
Address:    136 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale OL16 1LD
Telephone: 01706 347035
Hours:        9:00 am – 3:30 pm Tuesday and Saturday
                   9:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


This was the first charity shop we opened back in 1992 and is still going strong some 26 years later.  We stock a large range of goods from antique collectables to modern day clothing and chances are if you are looking for a gift, you will find it here.

Managers:    Linsey Brierley and Sarah Longshaw
Address:       445 Oldham Road, Rochdale OL16 4SZ
Telephone:    01706 869406
Hours            9:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday to Saturday


Located in the pretty village of Littleborough is our charity shop affectionately known by the locals as Harrods! Looking for high-end fashion, a pair of Louboutins or Jimmy Choos? Then this is the shop for you.

Managers:    Delia Smith and Shirley Phillips
Address:       22 Harehill Road,  Littleborough OL15 9BA
Telephone:    01706 375268
Hours:          9:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday to Saturday


In the small town of Whitworth, nestled amongst the foothills of the Pennines, is one of our charity shops that is not to be missed, carrying a wide range of goods for all ages.
Manager:    Lynne Train
Address:     543 Market Street, Whitworth OL12 8QW
Telephone: 01706 854563
Hours         9:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday
                   9.30 am – 12 30 pm Saturday


This is the newest of our charity shops, opened in November 2016 and located in the busy precinct of Mayfield Parade.  If you love a bargain, then this is the shop for you!

Manager:    Sarah Ward
Address:     Unit 5, Mayfield Parade, Albert Royds Street, Rochdale OL16 2US
Telephone: 07947 954970 
Hours:        9:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday to Saturday


This is one of our larger shops and as well as stocking a large selection of mens, ladies and children’s clothing, you can find a corner dedicated to vintage clothing and memorabilia, along with a large selection of books, records and dvds.

Manager:    Angela Young
Address:    18-20 Wood Street, Middleton M24 5TF 
Telephone: 0161 654 7457
Hours:        9.30am – 4:00 pm Monday to Saturday


This shop is the older sister to our Emporium and was where our furniture journey began. A small but mighty shop, packed to the rafters with bargains.

Managers:    Amanda Curran
Address:      14 Wood Street, Middleton M24 5TF 
Telephone:    0161 653 1103
Hours:          9:30 am – 4:00 pm Tuesday to Saturday


We are constantly looking for new ways to maximize income to financially support the patient services offered by the Hospice.  Our eBay operation commenced in 2017 and has rapidly expanded as we have quickly gained a strong following. By utilising eBay, we can ensure we get the best amount possible for your donated items.

Our Retail E-Commerce Coordinator, Mike Woolfenden, researches, photographs and lists items on our eBay store.  He has built a reputation for finding the most unusual and quirky items for our eBay store.  He also has a keen eye for valuable coins and ornaments.

Have you thought of becoming an eBay Community Seller on behalf of the Hospice?  Do you have any collectables you feel would enhance our eBay Store?  If so, please contact our Retail E-Commerce Coordinator at mike.woolfenden@nhs.net