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Geoff faces the chop for charity after 32 years

Castleton man, Geoff Street braved the shave and went back to his roots when he agreed to ‘cut it all off’ in support of Springhill Hospice – and the first to go for the chop was his much loved ponytail.

It was 1987 when Geoff last had his haircut and that was under pressure from his future mother-in-law for his wedding day. On that day his hair just went to shoulder length but that was the last time he’d sat in a barber’s chair for over 32 years.

“I was very attached to that ponytail”, laughed Geoff, “but when my wife Tracey suggested it went for the chop I was happy to go for it for the Hospice which does such a brilliant job. The beard and hair are back but I don’t think I’ll live long enough to grow it that long again!”

The event took place at The Commercial Inn, Castleton, Geoff’s local and the place where he and his wife, Tracey, first met.

Making a day of it, with a family barbecue, Landlord Peter Kelly said, “When I heard of Geoff’s plan I was very happy to host it. Springhill Hospice is a local cause that is close to our hearts here at The Commercial.”

And that cause has been enthu­si­as­ti­cally taken up by Geoff’s many supporters. “Originally Geoff was hoping he would raise £1,000 for Springhill”, said Tracey, whose idea it was for the charity chop. “The response has been overwhelming”, she went on to say, “and we are thrilled that our final fundraising total is an unbelievable £2,850.”

“That’s over £200 an inch – I had no idea that Geoff’s ponytail was so valuable”, Tracey laughed. “We can’t thank everyone enough for getting behind what seemed at first just a fun way to raise money. We are so happy to be able to make this donation to the Hospice.” 

Geoff may not be growing the ponytail back but, when asked what happened to it, he’s keen to say that it’s not gone forever. “Pete, the Landlord at the Commercial, is having it framed. It’ll be around for a bit longer yet – but on display at the pub.”