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Make A Will Week 2019

Providing for your family on a day to day basis comes as second nature.  So why do we put off thinking about making provision for them before we die?

Making a will means confronting a subject nobody wants to think about. Putting pen to paper, writing down what you’d like to happen after your death, always seems to be at the bottom of a ‘To Do’ list.

But making a will and letting your family and friends know your wishes is vital and is easier than you may think.  Putting things in order can be a weight off your mind and make things clearer and simpler for your family to honour your wishes.

May 13th to 19th is Springhill Hospice’s Will Week, during which Springhill Hospice have teamed up with a selection of local solicitors who are offering to guide you through the process and write your will.  There is no fee for this service, Springhill Hospice simply ask you to make a suggested donation of £80 for a single will or £150 for a mirror will. Every penny comes directly to Springhill Hospice.  This donation will be put to good use, going directly to patient care at the Hospice.  This is an ideal opportunity to get expert help in putting pen to paper to make provision for loved ones in the future.

Putting your death in order is as important as putting your life in order.  Let our team of local solicitors help and help your local community at the same time

For more information please call Rebekah Cheshire on 01706 641790 (opt 1), or please email rebekah.cheshire@nhs.net

Details of participating solicitors are coming soon!