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Your Springhill Story

 "We are so lucky to have such a centre of excellence."

"Dad was very well looked after and pain free.

"We cannot thank the Hospice and the staff enough for this. I arrived with Dad's slippers in my hands and was greeted in Reception with a hug and a cup of tea while I waited for Dad to arrive. From the moment I arrived I felt supported and calm for the first time in a long time as I knew Dad was in safe hands. The care and support Dad and the family have received has been fantastic and very much appreciated.  

"'Thank you' feels very inadequate."

"Faultless Service!"

"Absolutely wonderful!"

"Love and Laughter"

"Calming, Safe and Secure."

"Friendship and Support."

"The best way to say 'Goodnight, God Bless.'"

"Confidence and peace of mind."

"I feel the experience and care my Aunt and I were fortunate to receive during her admission and her peaceful but dignified death was beneficial and supportive for us both. It allowed me to love, care for her and allow her the peaceful death that she wished and deserved.

"Thank you seems a small gesture for all that was given by everyone. 

"You have an exceptional team at Springhill Hospice. Thank you."