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Tough challenge turns mud into money

Peter Tomlinson and friends Lauren Murray and Jeff Tomlinson are used to finding themselves in challenging situations at the front line of the North West Ambulance Service. But even when off duty this gallant group are not afraid of taking on a tough task, especially when it comes to supporting their charity of choice, Springhill Hospice, managing to turn mud into money by donating over £1,147.

Team name ‘Manchester Mudflaps’, the band of three took part in the North West ‘Tough Mudder’, a mud and obstacle course that would challenge any army recruit. Not a race, it’s a test more of stamina than speed. The twelve mile course with twenty obstacles can take up to six hours to complete, with men and women, and all ages, taking part side-by-side.

Said Peter, “Some of the obstacles are impossible to conquer alone and you find yourself standing on the shoulders of complete strangers to build a pyramid of people to climb over a wall, or on a water challenge where it’s only down to teamwork, and goodwill, that you can get across.”

And would he recommend it? “Definitely”, confirmed Peter. “For Lauren and myself this was our third year. Each year you collect a different coloured headband and our aim is to get the full set of ten! We will all be entering in 2017 and hoping to rope in a few more on the team. It is hard work but enjoyable, in a sadistic kind of way”, he added, laughing.

Said Springhill Hospice Chief Executive, Julie Halliwell, “Once again, I am amazed to learn of the efforts that are made by our wonderful supporters to help raise funds for the Hospice. We are immensely grateful to Peter and his colleagues for this incredible sum and for giving their time to support our work here at Springhill.”

Photo details:

Making money out of mud, right to left, Peter Tomlinson, Jeff Tomlinson and Lauren Murray.

Manchester Mudflaps – before and after!