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Clouds Have A Silver Lining for Springhill Hospice

Brave Emma 'planely' shows that clouds really do have a silver lining!

Springy the Hospice's Fun-raising Frog went for some diving lessons today - but not in his usual pond!
Our gregarious, green amphibian friend visited Emma Coleman at the Nationwide in Rochdale to learn from this lovely ladies experience of diving in the SKY!
Emma decided to take on the challenge of jumping out of an aeroplane! How brave?! This fantastic lady landed safely on terra firma, delivering to the Hospice the out-of-this-world sum £1077 for her efforts. Sterling stuff
Huge thanks to Emma for choosing to take the plunge for the Hospice and to all her wonderful supporters and sponsors.
And as for Springy......­he's not that brave, he's reminded us that amphibians are spineless, so he'll be keeping his webbed feet firmly on not so dry land!