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Taylor Made for Success

Fundraising for Springhill, Taylor Made for Success

Since October 2011 Springhill Hospice supporter Sue Taylor has combined determination, imagination and a desire to ‘give something back’ to support the Hospice. 

5 years ago, Sue saw first-hand the care given by Springhill’s doctors and nurses when the team looked after her husband Paul, who passed away at the Hospice.  Since then Sue has put all her energies into not only raising money and awareness but also volunteering.  This month money raised in memory of Paul Taylor reached a quite staggering £30,000.

The ‘Inspired to Run by Paul Taylor’ campaign was prompted by Paul’s passion for triathlon and enabled Sue, friends, family, and tri-club members alike to raise money for the Hospice. Other running events such as the Lanzarote Wine Run and the Liverpool Half Marathon added to the pot along with Tri Club social raffles and an enormous amount of sales on eBay. 

The money raised in memory of Paul has meant that more patients and their families can be cared for at the Broad Lane palliative care facility and more specifically it will enhance a patients stay at the Hospice as some of the money raised paid for a ‘Virtual Window’. 

“I’m delighted the money raised could be used to help others, the ‘Virtual Window’ was bought to go into a once windowless and now newly refurbished internal bathroom.  The virtual window is a wonderful benefit to others and will be helping patients at Springhill for many years to come” said Sue.

Remarkable as raising £30,000 is, Sue’s help hasn’t stopped there, she has been instrumental in raising much more for the Hospice.  As a volunteer Sue has used her expertise and knowledge to research and complete grant funding applications, advised their fundraising department on event management and registrations, given up her time to help on event days and is one of the fundraising departments most valued volunteers.

“Sue and her amazing team of family and friends have been and continue to be huge supporters of Springhill Hospice since the death of her husband Paul in 2011.

We are so grateful for the support which Sue has organised, which not only comes in the guise of fundraising, but Sue also offers her services to us as a volunteer.

Sue and her sporty supporters have raised an incredible £30,000 in just under 5 years, which is a remarkable amount, for which everyone at the hospice is most grateful.” Julie Halliwell, Chief Executive, Springhill Hospice.