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Sunflower Appeal 2017

The award winning gardens surrounding Springhill Hospice are just beginning to flower, summer will soon be here, encouraging the gardens to bloom.  What could be a more appropriate time to launch the Hospice’s new Sunflower Appeal?

“We are so proud of the beautiful grounds and the pleasure they bring. The sight of patients enjoying the sunshine, flowers, hedgerows and wildlife has inspired a new campaign, which we are inviting the whole community to join, said the Hospice’s Chief Executive, Julie Halliwell.

“This summer sees the launch of our new Sunflower Appeal.  The sunflower is vibrant, strong and beautiful, symbolic of life, love and faith, as well as representing the Hospice movement as a whole.  What better symbol for a new fundraising appeal, to shine a light on special memories of happy times past and present, helping to keep them strong?

“It is a celebration of memories both old and new and for those we create every day” added Julie.

Springhill Sunflowers are lovely, all-weather plaques approximately 22 cm high and include a space for your own brief dedication.  Each Sunflower plaque is £5.50 which includes postage and are available to buy online at www.­springhill.­org.­uk/­sunflower-appeal.

You can choose to display your Sunflower in your home, garden or another special place.  Wherever you decide, your sunflower will remain a warm focus over the summer for that special memory or person in your life.

In addition, Springhill are also offering the opportunity to place the plaque amongst the flowers, vegetables or herb garden in the Hospice grounds during their annual Open Garden Day on August 6th.  Anyone choosing to place their plaque in the Hospice grounds will receive free entry to the Open Garden day simply by bringing along their sunflower. 

Mrs Halliwell went on to explain  “We’d love to see the vegetable and herb beds full of elegant sunflowers for everyone to see.  The plaques will stay in place for the month of August, after which they can be taken home for you to keep forever” adding “the money raised from the Sunflower Appeal will allow us to create lasting memories for more families”.

“Some very special memories were born even when creating this campaign” explained Fundraising Manager, Lillie Winterbottom.

“We took our plaques to Lower Place Primary School so see what the children there thought of our special, lasting memory, sunflowers.  It was a beautiful sunny day and one I’ll never forget.  The children greeted us with the most wonderful beaming smiles, they loved the sunflowers, talking, laughing and giggling together in the sunshine.  I was reminded of my own children when they were younger, all rosy cheeked and giddy.  I‘ve bought my very own sunflowers, some for my garden at home and some to be placed at the Hospice.  Every time I look at them they’ll remind me firstly of my children and then of a wonderful afternoon, out and about in the community, meeting the Hospice’s youngest supporters.  Simply wonderful”.

Join Springhill in their Sunflower Appeal, do something amazing for you, your family and your community.

Sunflowers are available online by visiting www.­springhill.­org.­uk/­sunflower-appeal