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Students Design for Springhill

Hopwood Design Students Draw for Success

Support for Springhill Hospice comes in many shapes and guises whether it be fundraising, volunteering or raising awareness for the services the palliative care team offer both at the Broad Lane hospice or in the community.  Students at Hopwood Hall College in Rochdale have added a new form of support to the list, that of graphic design. 

In September of 2015, Level 2 Graphic Design students from the St Mary’s Gate campus took up the challenge of creating new disguises for the Hospice’s mascot, Springy the Frog for Hospice publications.

“Since he was created 3 years ago, Springy the Frog has become a firm favourite with supporters, young and old.  The idea behind Springy was to create a softer focus for a younger audience however supporters, young and old have really taken Springy into their hearts – his big grin is now synonymous with the Hospice” said Springy’s creator, Community Fundraising Lillie Winterbottom.

Adding “images of Springy grace our publications and merchandise, we run entire fundraising campaigns with the cheeky invertebrate’s image leading the way and when it comes to our newsletters, Springy can always be found on the front page.  But Springy’s don’t come cheap.  We have had the help of some very talented graphic designers however, we have ‘used up our free credits’, that’s when the idea came to me that the team at Hopwood Hall could help”.

Lillie Winterbottom approached Student Support Tutor Eloise Dale and between them set about briefing the class.

“Eloise asked me to treat the students in the same way a client would a graphic designer, showing them exactly what to expect in the ‘big wide world’.  I gave the students of a brief to create some new alter egos for Springy but that these Springy’s must have a use, for instance, Springy as a Jester could be used in a publication about one of our fairs, Springy in a tuxedo could illustrate a Facebook post about a dinner dance.  The pupils exceled themselves with some great designs coming from brilliant imaginations” said Lillie

“This has been an excellent opportunity for the students to gain valuable work experience in the design industry. It has given the students a chance to develop a variety of employability skills that they will be able to use in the near future. The students enjoyed working on a live brief and appreciated the constructive feedback they received about their designs. They were also very eager to help out and support Springhill Hospice and are grateful for the opportunity. It has been a pleasure working with Lillie and Springhill Hospice.” said Tutor Eloise Dale

Lillie is so impressed with the designs created by these young volunteers that she plans to use them throughout the next Fundraising News, the content of which will be focused on “The Community – What You do For Springhill”

Do you have a skill or hidden talent that could help the team at Springhill Hospice?  Volunteers are always needed to help at the Hospice itself, in one of the 7 charity shops, Springhill Tea Rooms & Gift shop and even out in the community itself.  Whatever your skill, you can help Springhill.  For more information contact Volunteer Co-ordinator Gill Kenny on 01706 649920 for an information chat.