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Springhill Hospice Will Week 2016

Providing for your family on a day to day basis comes as second nature.  So why do we put off thinking about making provision for them when we die?

Making a Will means confronting a subject nobody wants to think about. Putting pen to paper, writing down what you’d like to happen after your death, always seems to be at the bottom of a ‘To Do’ list.

But making a will and letting your family and friends know your wishes is vital, and is easier than you may think.  Putting things in order will be weight off your mind and make things clearer and simpler for your family to honour your wishes.

May 9th to 15th is Springhill Hospice’s Will Week, during which Springhill Hospice have teamed up with a selection of local solicitors who are offering to guide you through the process and write your will.  There is no fee for this service, we simply ask you to make a suggested minimum donation of £50 to Springhill Hospice.  This donation will be put to good use, going directly to patient care at the Hospice.

“When talking about our Will Week campaign in the fundraising office, we realised that 50% of our team didn’t actually have a will” said Regular Giving Co-ordinator Elaine McConnell.

Community Fundraising Lillie Winterbottom – “It’s something my husband and I have been talking about for a while but not done anything about.  I don’t like thinking about something as terrible as a car crash leaving our two children without parents, but you just don’t know.  We are a small family, so should anything happen to me and my husband, I want to make sure the children are looked after by a person of my choosing, not a stranger.  Setting out our wishes is writing is important”

Income Services Manager Sarah Ford – “I’m the opposite of Lillie, I’ve got a big family.  In making a will, my husband and I can ensure that we have remembered everyone and that our final wishes are honoured”

Event Fundraiser Melanie Caffrey – “My family are very young but that doesn’t mean to say I should ignore making a will.  Family situations can change through break ups, illness and death.  I want to make sure my children are provided for whatever may happen in their lives.  I want to create a firm foundation for their future, should the unthinkable happen.

Putting your death in order is as important as putting your life in order.  Let our team of local solicitors help and help your local community at the same time.

For more information visit our website www.­springhill.­org.­uk/­will-week or call Elaine McConnell on 01706 641790


Solicitors taking part in Springhill Hospice’s Will Week 2016

Temperley Taylor LLP

Durham House,

Warwick Court,
Park lane


M24 1AE

Contact name: Gill Carroll

email: gc@temperleytaylor.co.uk

Tel no: 0161 643 2411


AST Hampson Solicitors

7 South Parade


OL16 1LR

Contact name Louise Salisbury

email: lsalisbury@asthampsons.co.uk

Tel no: 01706653322


The Willwriting Partnership

Imperial House

Hornby Street



Contact name: Antony Brinkman

email: info@twp.co.uk

Tel no: 0161 705 4382


GLP Solicitors

20A Lakeland Ct


M24 5QJ

Contact Name: D. Foster

Email: middleton@glplaw.com

Tel no: 0161 653 6295


Lancashire Law

61 Dale Street


OL16 3NJ

Contact name: Alison McGuigan

email: Alison.mcguigan@lancslaw.co.uk

tel no: 01706 525053


Temperley Taylor LLP

Church Place

Hartley Street


OL10 1LT

Contact name: Karen Nuttall

email:- kn@temperleytaylor.co.uk

Tel No : 01706 623511



Molesworth Bright Clegg

Octagon House

25-27 Yorkshire Street


OL16 1RH

Contact name: - Kerry Hargreaves

email: khargreaves@molesworths.co.uk

Tel no: 01706356666


Hartley Thomas & Wright

Town Hall Chambers

South Parade


OL16 1LW

Contact name: Mr R.G. Addington

email: raaddington@htw-law.co.uk

Tel no: 01706 644118


Latimer Lee LLP

13-15 Square Street



Contact Name: John O'Sullivan

email: jos@latimerlee.com

Tel no: 01706 824811