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Springhill Collecting Pots

Turning Copper and Silver into GOLD - Fundraising Alchemy

Another great way to help us raise money for the Hospice is to give a home to one of our little silver collecting pots that turn copper and silver into GOLD.

In the last 12 months these silver pots have raised an amazing £17,000 - Fundraising Gold!

Do you have space for a silver pot on your counter, reception desk or bar?  Our team of dedicated volunteer collectors will bring you one of these little silver wonders and empty it when it's full.  When the pennies have been counted, we will write to you to tell you what your pot has raised for us, enclosing a certificate to show your costumers their fantastic fundraising too.  It's as easy as that.

Perhaps your place of work will find itself on our Facebook Page as our 'Collecting Pot Hero of the Week' or featured in one of our fundraising newsletters.

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