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Wear Your Woollies to School or Nursery - Friday 10th December 2021

This is a real winter warmer to add something special to your Christmas festivities with a chance to wear your favourite woollies for Springhill Hospice

Get your jumpers at the ready. On Friday 10th December it is Springhill Hospice's Wear Your Woollies Day. It's a day for children (and staff) to show off their best winter warmers, swapping them for every day school uniform and work clothes.

Get everyone involved and invite adults to make a donation of £2 and children £1 to support Springhill Hospice. It's a fun and festive way to make a real difference to hospice care.

How does it work?

Wear Your Woollies is practical and simple to fit in with the normal school day. 

  • Take part on Friday 10th December - or choose another date that suits you best.
  • Decide your theme for the day - wear your favourite jumper, take on the colour of Springhill and dress in green for the day or keep it to a Christmas theme. 
  • It can also be combined with a special Christmas celebration - add themed activities, hold a best dressed competition or Christmas quiz.

We will provide everything you need to deliver your Wear Your Woollies Day and to tell your children and their parents how to take part. This will include:

  • Templates of letters to send home with the children, images that you can add to your website and emails together with posters which can be personalised.
  • Supporting activity sheets with writing or drawing exercises, quizzes and games for children of different ages.
  • Springhill Hospice collecting buckets which can be sealed for donations to be dropped in. We will arrange to collect the buckets from you and provide you with your fundraising total.
  • We will happily visit the school to be able to thank you and the children in person and will arrange this with you.

What to do next

To let us know that you would like to take part and to reserve your Wear Your Woollies resources: