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Sarah's 12 Week Dryathlon

A bit of fun and fundraising for Springhill and story of Christmas cheer worth reading.

Sarah Grindrods of Salt Separation Services took on a massive challenge in aid of the Hospice, for which we congratulate her.

The dedication and determination it took for Sarah to undertake her challenge is illustrated very well by the photographs below!

Having missed out on a charity sponsored cycle as she was on annual leave, Sarah promised the company's Social Secretary Kim Snell, that she would volunteer to do something for Springhill Hospice.

It was suggested that 'party girl' Sarah should give up alcohol for a period of time - a period of a massive 3 months was agreed!
Sarah's challenge was a real hit at work - probably because half of her sponsors didn’t believe she could actually do it!!

Breathalyser tests were bought and Sarah was warned that someone could even show up to her house unannounced. Good sport Sarah also agreed that, if she did fail, she would cough up all of the sponsor money out of her own pocket!

Friday 4th of December saw the 12 long weeks of Sarah’s Dryathon finally come to an end.

12 weeks with no alcohol ensured that Sarah thoroughly enjoyed Salt Separation's Christmas party. Her thirst was quenched with a Whisky Bourbon cocktail followed by Prosecco and copious amounts on Jägermeister & Vodka. Needless to say, having start at 11am, Sarah was home for 5pm!

A fabulous day was had by all, everyone is very proud of her as she raised a whopping £1,000.00 with sponsorships still rolling in!

Congratulations Sarah, quite a challenge. Thank you to you and to your colleagues. We're sure you'll have a very 'merry' Christmas!

Photo 1: Sarah and colleagues at Salt Separate with a GIGANTIC cheque for Springhill Hospice.

Photo 2: Sarah's first drink after 12 weeks of her Dryathlon