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Regift to give the gift of care

Have you packed away your Christmas for another year? Have you put your Christmas tree in the garden or the loft, are the baubles packed away for another 11 months and those pretty twinkling lights wrapped up neatly, only for them later to come back out of their box all tangled up?!!!!

Christmas may seem a distant memory for some but for others surfaces throughout the house are still dotted with unopened boxes of chocs, bottles of your least favourite wine and some unloved gifts, the ones you know you'll never use.

Don't despair, clear your house of festive clutter and help us raise money for patient care at Springhill Hospice by REGIFTING the last of your Christmas treats to us.

By REGIFTING those unwanted goodies to Springhill Hospice, you'll be stock the tombolas and raffles we put on throughout 2018 that help us raised thousands of pounds!

So you've decided to donate, what next?  Pack everything up into a bag or box, label your donation 'Regift for Springhill' and pop it in to either Springhill Tea Room and Gift Shop, one of our 9 retail outlets or up at the Hospice itself. www.­springhill.­org.­uk/­retail www.­springhill.­org.­uk/­tea-room-and-gift-shop www.­springhill.­org.­uk/­contact 

Thank you in advance, by sharing your Christmas with us, we can care for more people in from your community.

Thank you so much.