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Creative Therapy

Creative Therapy fails to describe the huge range of activities that take place in Day Hospice and that are available to both inpatients and Day Hospice patients.

Activities are broadly split into Art & Crafts and Therapeutic Group Work and are co-ordinated by our Creative Therapist, ably supported by a dedicated team of volunteers.

Why is Creative Therapy effective?

Creating art and self expression through colour and other media is enriching and therapeutic, creating the opportunity to learn and develop new skills and hobbies, provoking a real sense of ‘can do’. Each piece of art work is lovingly created and treasured, often becoming a family heirloom.

Many of our patients have a level of disability which impacts and limits their dexterity and level of social engagement. Working in a group encourages talking, laughing and distraction from their worries and concerns. We introduce patients to numerous crafts including card making, pottery and jewellery making.

We have several local artists who volunteer and come along on different days and teach basic painting skills, rekindling forgotten talents and nurturing new hobbies. We also have patient’s whose work is so good they sell their paintings to the public and raises money for the Hospice.


Therapeutic Group work is stimulating and dynamic reminding our patients that they are people and not just an illness. We help them to see themselves as individuals and not just patients.  Our group sessions are individually led by members of the Psychological & Supportive Care Team and include:

  • Laughter classes
  • Indoor bowls
  • Group discussions – reminiscing, politics, music time lines and many more.

We encourage patients to get involved and experience the different activities available because it enhances well being and social skills, helps rediscover their creative side and is fun!