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Patient Stories

Counselling & Bereavement Support

Comments from Counselling satisfaction questionnaires when we asked how counselling had helped.

“Felt like I could deal with my problems in a much calmer way”. July

“Gave me tools to cope and understand more”.  August

“I felt like I was strong and ready to start thinking about a new life on my own. Helped me to understand I wasn’t responsible…….. gave me tools to cope and to drag myself out of the dark place I went to”. August

“I was feeling lighter, I was smiling inside and outside”  September

"Feel loads better, having someone to talk to changed my mind-set”.  October

“Really happy and well, very much better than from 1st time.  Calmed me, thought more positively each day, what is right for my wellbeing”.  November

“My counsellor helped me to understand how and why I felt the way I did. Also explained how to relax and Find Myself – and it was good to cry”.  December


 Sourced from Counselling satisfaction questionnaires 2019