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Outpatient Clinic

Outpatients are seen at the Hospice following a referral from a patient’s GP or by a Hospital Consultant.

Patients can be referred at any stage in their illness. It may be that they have just heard their diagnosis or that they have developed a new problem after many months or years. The reason for referral may be physical, psychological or social.

The patient and their families will be treated by the Hospice team, co-ordinated by one of the Hospice Doctors. Treatment may involve medication, admission into Day Hospice or the Inpatient Unit, complementary therapies or counselling. It might be a spiritual problem, best helped by the Hospice’s Spiritual and Pastoral Care Co-ordinator.

Patients and families can familiarise themselves with the Hospice over a short period of time during their outpatient attendances. After their appointment they are more than welcome to stay and have a drink and a look around the Hospice.