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Nursing Resilience Appeal

Springhill Hospice has continued to care lovingly for people in Rochdale throughout this pandemic. Right now, our nurses urgently need your help to give Springhill's care to local people.

I'm Charlotte Barber and I’m a doctor here at Springhill Hospice. I'm a Rochdale girl, born here and worked here all my life. Today I'm here to ask for your urgent help to support our incredible Hospice care team, because 2021 will be our toughest challenge yet

More and more patients, people living with cancer and other terminal conditions, are coming to us needing urgent care. They’ve had limited access to hospital clinics, tests and primary care over the last year due to pressures from the pandemic – and are now much more poorly than they should have been. With the NHS still completely overstretched because of COVID, we’re the only people who can help them.

We’re all looking forward to lockdown ending, but for all of us at Springhill, this pandemic is far from over. Even though we’re all desperately tired, (this has been the hardest time in all our careers) we must be able to say “yes” to every patient and family in and around Rochdale.

Please, make a donation today to keep our Hospice nursing and care services going during 2021. Many hundreds of patients will need intensive, expert end-of-life care on our In Patient Unit this year. We will have to find £139 to pay for each hour of dedicated nursing care given to patients at the Hospice. Our nursing teams will continue to be out and about (more and more we hope as the vaccines kick in) visiting patients in their own homes, keeping them comfortable and calm in the place they feel the safest. A typical night care shift, keeping a patient peaceful and comfortable overnight, costs £74.We will have to find £139 to pay for each hour of dedicated nursing care given to patients at the Hospice.

We ask you to stand beside us, as part of our family, as we make our way through this next phase of the pandemic – give a gift,  to pay for some of Springhill’s vital, unique care. Whatever you feel you can manage would be hugely appreciated. But, please, do give if you possibly can.

We’re going through dark days right now. But, together, we’ll make it to the light at the end of this very long tunnel. Thank you for your friendship and for your generosity. Keep safe and keep well.

With best wishes from us all here in the Hospice team.

Dr Charlotte Barber

P.S. If you can, also read the words of Alex and Louisa here, who’ve written about the care we gave to their lovely mum Elizabeth, who I remember so well. This shows what we can still achieve for local people when we have your support. Thank you.