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Littleborough Lions leap into action for Springhill Hospice

Littleborough Lions have raised an amazing £503 for Springhill Hospice so that 4 bedside cabinets could be purchased for the newly refurbished rooms on the ward.

President of the group Norah Hawksworth and Harry Hawksworth who has the role of treasurer, presented a cheque for the amount to Julie Halliwell, Springhill Hospice’s Chief Executive in memory of Littleborough Lions member Edward Mutimer.

“We are very grateful to the Littleborough Lions for continuing to support Springhill Hospice.  This group make every effort to support their local community and we are honoured that they should choose to make such a generous donation to the Hospice” said Springhill’s Chief Executive, Julie Halliwell.

With costs of £3.4m every year, the Hospice relies on the help of dedicated fundraisers such as the team at The Littleborough Lions. 

Of the Hospice, Norah said, “We have always been aware of the Springhill Hospice’s care for patients and their families and have supported them through small regular donations. Our fellow member and friend Ted (Edward) Mutimer was cared for at Springhill. Through a legacy from Ted, we were delighted to be in a position where we could make this donation. We had great comfort in knowing that Ted was getting the best possible care.