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Letter from CEO Julie Halliwell

As I write this, reflecting on how busy the last 12 months has been at Springhill Hospice, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to be involved in such an amazing organisation.

On a daily basis, I see the nursing staff returning from visits to patients in their homes, often with a story to tell. It might be that they have walked the last part of a journey down an unmade track to reach a patients home, or a special moment they have shared with a patient or family member. Staff are always moved by the patients and families they have supported, and at all times seek to deliver the very best service possible to those they care for.

It is a privilege to work with people who really make sure that “no” is not an option. The Hospice is very much a place where staff and volunteers can, and do, make things happen. It is very much a “can do” culture, of which we are all very proud.

Of course the work we undertake could not happen without the help we receive from the people of the Borough. This help comes in so many ways. On a daily basis, we are supported by a team of volunteers, who undertake roles both inside and outside of the Hospice, in our shops, tea rooms, helping in the gardens to name but a few. Our incredible volunteer workforce saves us in excess of £520,000 each year. It’s not just the financial saving, but the additional care, compassion and sheer volume of time which is given so readily and freely which I find truly impressive.

In addition to the support we receive from volunteers, the financial donations we receive from the people of the Borough is tremendous. This reaches us through legacies, third party fundraising efforts, joining our weekly lottery, making generous donations, and attending our fundraising events. With an excess of £2 million to raise annually, we are indebted to our supporters who help make this happen year-on-year.

Over the next few months, we begin work on developing our next 5 year strategy. Having secured the Community Service for a 3-year period, we will remain focussed on ensuring that our services are delivered to the highest possible standards, and evaluate well, with the aim of securing this important service in the future.

Julie Halliwell

Chief Executive