Reindeer Run



15th November 2022
to 25th December 2022

Reindeer Run

For schools, nurseries and organised groups such as Cubs and Brownies, Springhill’s Reindeer Run is a fun activity for children and staff to enjoy. You choose the date, activity and where and how it will be held.

Sporting Reindeer antlers provided by us, little ones across the borough can join in with our Reindeer Run this festive season.

Last year, schools who took part let us know how much they enjoyed their run and how easy we made it for them to take part:

Newlands Primary School "It is something that all of our Children could take part in an enjoy"

Hardwood Park Primary School "We did our Reindeer Run in our PE groups and the children loved it! It was so helpful to have all the resources pre-made and ready to go." 

How does it work?
The Reindeer Run is designed to allow you, and us, to adapt to the circumstances at the time. It is flexible to meet your timescales, school environment and children’s ages. 
•    You choose the date, the activity – run or walk and where and how it will be held.
•    It can be entirely classroom based with supporting activities.
•    It can take place in the school hall or using an available outdoor space.
•    Holding the event over more than one day for different groups is an option.

We will provide everything you need to deliver your Reindeer Run on the day and to tell your children and their parents how to take part, helping to raise money for Springhill Hospice.

This will include:
•    Reindeer antlers for each child to wear.
•    An adult Santa suit to help keep your little reindeer group together.
•    Templates of letters to send home with the children, images that you can add to your website and emails together with posters which can be personalised. Supporting activity sheets with story time, writing or drawing exercises, quizzes and games for children of different ages.
•    Self-seal sponsorship envelopes to collect donations to Springhill Hospice. We will arrange to collect these envelopes from you and provide you with your fundraising total.
•    We will happily visit the school to be able to thank you and the children in person and will arrange this with you.

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