22nd May 2022
11th September 2022



Cark Airfield Moor Lane Flookburgh LA11 7LS


Are you daring enough to take the dive? Do you want to challenge yourself this year and try something you never thought you would?

Then take on a Skydive in aid of Springhill Hospice to make a memory that will last a lifetime!

Please follow the link below to register for either one of our Skydive dates on 22nd May or 11th September.

Please select 'arrange date later' when registering and then contact Skydive Northwest on +44 1539 558672 to let them know which date you would like to book on to.

Once registered please do get in contact with us via email or call the fundraising department on: 01706 641790 (Opt 1) so we can supply you with any fundraising materials you might need to make your fundraising a success.

Please be aware when registering you will have two options:
  • pay a deposit of £50, where you will then have to raise the extra £200 plus your £250 minimum fundraising target.
  • pay the full balance of £250 and then you just have your personal fundraising target of £250 minimum. 

Sign Up at Skydive North West
Skydive Northwest is one of the longest established skydiving centres in the UK, taking pride in providing skydiving experiences for over 40 years!

Our staff are professional and friendly and our aeroplane is modern, fast and specifically made for skydiving.

With spectacular views across the Lake District, Lake Windermere and Morecambe Bay, Skydive Northwest is one of the most picturesque skydive centres in the world.


Friends and family are welcome. They can watch the skydive and be there to congratulate the skydiver upon landing.

A picnic area, café and toilets (including a disabled toilet) are available for everybody.


Any action sport involves some degree of risk that must be managed. Very strict safety standards are enforced by the British Parachute Association, making serious accidents exceptionally rare for tandem skydivers in the UK.

All activities at Skydive Northwest are regulated by the British Parachute Association . All Tandem Skydive instructors are trained and certified by the British Parachute Association and have already done at least 1000 skydives before becoming an instructor.

We enforce extensive safety procedures to ensure Tandem Skydives are carried out as safely as possible.


Securely harnessed to a professional skydiver, you will free-fall from up to 15,000 ft, reaching a speed of about 120 mph!

The instructor deploys, flies and lands the parachute, leaving you to relax and enjoy stunning views of the Lake District.

A tandem skydive requires only a few minutes training and is the safest and most popular choice for first time skydivers.


The minimum age is 16. Anyone under 18 must have parental consent. There is no upper age limit for Tandem Skydives.

The maximum weight limit is 15 stone and a person must be reasonably fit for their weight.

People who have suffered from any of the medical conditions listed on Form 115A must be certified as fit to skydive and have Form 115B signed by their GP.

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