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Hospice to Hopsice Walk

Nothing to lose but calories. Everything to gain for your memories.

Springhill Hospice has launched their 12th annual Hospice to Hospice Walk with the date set for Sunday April 29th.  Springhill Hospice is giving you the opportunity to step out with friends, family and work colleagues and play your part in hospice care.

You and yours are invited to set off from the Hospice on Broad Lane, tread over 15,000 steps along the 7.25 mile round trip.  Stopping off at Dr Kershaw’s Hospice in neighbouring Oldham, you’ll enjoy a sit down, a cuppa and a natter.  Once fully refreshed you’ll set off back to Springhill Hospice where you’ll be greeted with a well-earned bespoke medal, refreshments and a very special Springhill Smile.

“Taking part in this event is one big plus for everyone” said Hospice to Hospice Walk regular Sarah Taylor, “The feel good factor you get from doing something for your fitness and something with friends and family is incredible.  What’s even better is that at the same time, I’m playing my part in caring for hospice patients and their families. The whole day gives me a real sense of achievement and a great feeling of belonging in my community”

There is no pressure to be fastest or fittest along this 7.25 mile marshalled route.  Everyone walks at their own pace, or even their dog’s pace – yes that’s right four legged friends are welcome too.   On the fitness front, you will definitely fill your daily step quota, with  7.25 miles equating to roughly 15,000 steps and a possible calorie burn of as many as 700 calories! That’s a lot of dietary indiscretions accounted for!

Sarah added “It is so satisfying to walk up the drive to Springhill Hospice, see faces beaming, giving you that famous ‘Springhill Smile’ and being presented with a keepsake medal to show off to everyone you know.

“But to tell you the truth, all that is nothing compared to the feelings of warmth and achievement you get when you realise that a family walk can make a difference to someone else. My sponsorship will provide care for someone else;  a friend or a neighbour, someone from my local community, when they need it the most.”

You can join hundreds of walkers from Springhill Hospice by signing up online at www.­springhill.­org.­uk/­hospi­ce2­hos­pice.  You can sign up on your own or as part of a group (up to 10 people per application).  Registration is just £7 per person which will give you a bottle of water, refreshments and that all important medal and certificate.

For more information about this event or details of other ways to support patient care at Springhill Hospice, please contact Lillie Winterbottom by phone 01706 641790 (opt 1) or by email Lillie.winterbottom@nhs.net

Remember – you’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain.  Join in on Sunday 29th April and help ‘Make Every Moment Count’ for people from your community.