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Hospice Calendar Goes International

For years Springhill's fundraising calendars have decorated the walls and doors of homes throughout the Borough, the county, the nation, in fact the world.  Even in these days of smart phones and tablets, this traditional way of remembering a date is still as popular as ever.  But why?

"There are so many reasons why our calendar is still a staple Springhill Fundraiser”, said Angela Smith, member of the eight strong volunteer calendar team.  "The photographs that illustrate each month are a fantastic celebration of Rochdale's rich landscapes, historic buildings and heritage and the talented local photographers who have taken them".

"The calendars are also popular with people who don't run their lives through a phone or a computer, after all, you can't hang a tablet on the back of your kitchen door!  The calendars are also a fantastic way of supporting the Hospice, at just £4 each, they're an affordable gift for all".

But one Hospice supporter has another reason for never missing an edition, volunteer Gail Shaw buys Springhill calendars as a novel way of helping her children.

Gail's children have grown up and now have families of their own, but every year she sends them a Hospice calendar, which she fills with 'important dates to remember'.

"A combination of young children, work and busy social lives means that it's all too easy to forget a special date.  I get a great deal of pleasure filling in the calendars with birthdays and anniversaries and then sending them to my son".  Gail goes on to explain, "My son Gareth now lives in Australia, he always looks forward to receiving his copy, firstly so he never misses his mum's birthday and secondly because the calendar's photographs are a great reminder of home".

Springhill's 2018 calendar is now on sale at the Hospice, Springhill Tea Room, all 9 of the Hospice's charity shops, selected venues throughout the Borough and now online www.­springhill.­org.­uk/­products   At just £4 they're an ideal way to buy someone a gift this Christmas and at the same time as supporting the Hospice.