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Fundraising isn't just raising money - Volunteering is fundraising too!

By volunteering your time and skills you could be part of a team of local people, of various ages and backgrounds, who want to give something back to the Hospice.

A team of 400 dedicated volunteers work over 1400 hours per week alongside staff, to help ensure the smooth running of the Hospice, our shops, Coffee at the Craven and in the community.  The valuable services they provide save us £500,000 a year.

Why Volunteer?

  • To give support to your community
  • To meet new people, make new friends and be part of a team
  • To learn new skills

Who Volunteers?

Everybody and Anybody

Our volunteers are from a wide range of backgrounds, of various ages but with one thing in common, the all want to ‘Give Something Back’.  Each volunteer brings their own unique qualities and skills to the Hospice. Volunteers work in many different areas including the Day Hospice, on the Ward, Reception, in the Kitchen and Garden, Fundraising and even driving.  We also have a team of volunteers who staff our shops, our Tea Rooms and in the community

How much time do I have to give?

However much time you can spare

Ideally if you can give us a regular weekly commitment of 2 hours or more then you can help.  However, if you only have the occasional couple of hours we still need your help. Our Fundraising Department is always in need of ‘casual’ help for awareness and fundraising events.  If you can pack a supermarket bag, help us with a local bucket collection or fill envelopes for our regular bulk mailings, then please get in touch.

What next?

Get in touch

Contact Gillian Kenny, Volunteer Co-ordinator for the Hospice and Shops, on 01706 649920 or gillian.kenny@nhs.net or, alternatively, speak to any one of our Fundraising Staff or shop Team Leaders or volunteers, or visit our VOLUNTEERS page and download an application form.

Who Volunteers?

Those who have retired, students, people with spare time, those on a career break or who want to return to work and those caring for children at school age. Actually, just about anybody!

What can I expect?

A friendly, welcoming team of volunteers of all ages, from many backgrounds, with many skills but with one goal – to help Springhill Hospice.