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Dragon Boat Festival 2016

Dragon Boat Festival, Races and Fair 2016

Littleborough Girls Rugby Union Team ‘The Pink Warriors’ are ship shape and ready to get on board with this year’s Dragon Boat Festival at Hollingworth Lake.  This annual event, organised by the men at Rochdale’s Round Table is quite a spectacle, drawing competitors and spectators from all over the North West.

“Last year girls from the Under 15s Team took part in the Dragon Boat Festival and enjoyed themselves so much have decided to get involved again this year with teams from both their Under 15 and 18s squads.  Rugby training is ideal for this type of sport, lots of upper body strength and good balance, added to which is our girls burning desire to win. 

'We are hoping for a podium place this year” said Clair Carson, the Pink Warrior’s manager and rowing mentor.

The festival, held this year on Saturday 16th July, attracts all sort of competitors, work colleagues, football teams, friends and sporting groups to name a few.  A team can include up to 16 people and a drummer who sets the rowing pace, with a very reasonable entry fee of £30 per person and a guarantee of at least 3 races per boat (more if a team gets into the final).

The backdrop of the Pennines, the excitement of the Dragon Boat Races and the entertainment of the stalls and attractions at Hollingworth Lake Boating Club makes for a fabulous day.  But the advantages don’t stop there, the Round Table are known for raising money for good causes with this being no different, raising thousands of pounds for Springhill Hospice over the last two years.

“Springhill Hospice hold a place in the hearts of so many local people, we’re proud to support them again this year and can only hope to replicate the fundraising of the last two Dragon Boat Races” Jon Geldard, Rochdale Round Table’s Chairman

Fancy taking on the likes of the Pink Warriors?  Are you and a group of friends ready to put your oar in for charity?  Contact John Barton on 07917 814 600 for an information pack.

Put yourself in the same boat as hundreds of other fun loving Hospice supporters, push the boat out and get on board for the event of the summer.