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Complementary Therapists

What do you think of when you think of a hospice?

Many people think that hospices are simply places people come to die; that they are sad, even depressing places. Many of our patients share these reservations when they first think of coming along to Springhill’s day hospice. However, as much as Springhill is about dying well, it is just as important to us that we help people to live as richly as they can until the very end of their lives.

For this reason time spent at the day hospice is an opportunity to enjoy new friendships, try a range of creative activities, eat well and surprisingly, to be pampered by having hair and nail treatments and a range of complementary therapies.

These treatments are invaluable: speaking about visiting Springhill’s hairdresser and having a manicure, one patient said ‘It feels like being given something of myself back, something that has been taken away from me by my illness.’ Another patient speaks of a ‘slow but sure feeling of relaxation’ he feels during treatments.

Springhill are currently in need of additional qualified volunteer hairdressers, nail technicians and complementary therapists. Can you help make a difference?

Please contact Yvonne.brown15@nhs.net