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Comfort for All Information

In June 2019 we launched our Comfort for All Appeal to raise funds for much needed equipment and furniture for our in-patient ward.

Our 16 bed in-patient ward provides exceptional care and in order to continue with this, new equipment and furniture is needed. The appeal will fund buying the new items to make sure that all our patients have the comfort and dignity they deserve.

If you would like to donate to the appeal click here.

Below you can see what the money raised will buy for the Hospice.

Medstrom beds

The new beds we’d like to have are specially designed for care use. They are very adjustable, in fact, they can raise and tilt up so that the patient is in a full sitting position if needed.

They also offer excellent height adjustment. So, we can raise them up when we need to offer personal care for the patient, but at night we can drop it right down to just a few inches from the floor if the patient is at risk of falling out of bed.

Each bed frame costs £1,920


Tilt pressure-relieving mattress 

These mattresses are likely to be the last ones our patients sleep on, so they need to be the best we can possibly give them.

These 2019 model mattresses contain vertical air-filled tubes, each of which gently inflate and deflate to change the pressure points on a patient’s skin. The digital pump is almost completely silent and won’t disturb the patient during their sleep.

Each mattress costs £2,700


Regis chair

This is pretty much the best rise-and-recline chair available.

It’s extremely comfortable because it uses pressure relieving materials, and it can be adjusted from lying practically flat all the way up to almost standing.

This allows patients to get in and out very easily and gives them the control over their own body position when in the chair. The chair comes with a selection of cushions and bolsters, all of which can be added and moved to make sure there’s a perfect fit for every shape and size.

Having the right chair for our patients is crucial. Sitting up to greet visitors, or to have a meal, is so important to so many of our patients, it gives them dignity when often in hospital they would be forced to stay in bed.

We also know that these chairs will frequently become occasional beds. For loved ones who want to remain close being able to lay them flat is brilliant. These new models are fantastic and will last us many years.

Each chair costs £2,850


Bedside table

It seems like such a simple thing, but the bedside table is something that every patient uses and values. It’s where treasured personal possessions are stored and where a loved family photograph can be placed.

The tables we currently have are very tatty now, some are still the ones that were here when we first opened the hospice 30 years ago! We’d like every patient to have a nice new bedside table.

Each bedside table costs £211


Bedside lamps

We’d like to buy all-new bedside lamps to put on the new tables. The models we’d like are touch-sensitive, so that patients who would struggle to grip and operate a switch can still turn their own light on and off when they wish. Again, a simple thing, but an easy way we can give back an element of control and dignity.

Each bedside lamp costs £15