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Apprentice/Work Experience/­Student Placements


Since 2013 Support Services has provided opportunities for young people aged 18 – 25 to be trained in a variety of roles through its Apprenticeship Scheme.  While making an important contribution to the day-to-day work of the Hospice, apprentices undertake a combination of ‘on the job’ training and college based learning to improve their prospects for future employment.

Work Experience

As ‘The People's Hospice’ we welcome the interest shown by people of all ages. Each year the Hospice makes a positive contribution to the development of students and young people by offering work experience placements to local schools and colleges.  Placements normally last one week, during which time students have the opportunity to work alongside our General Volunteers; spend time helping to look after our Day Hospice patients; roll their sleeves up to do some gardening; and help out at one of our charity shops to see how we raise some of our much needed income.  If you’re a student looking for a work experience placement, or know someone who is, it’s really important that you contact us as soon as possible, as places are limited to around 20 per year.

Student Placements

We offer student placements to both student nurses and student counsellors.  Student Nurses on placement are from one of three link Universities (Manchester Victoria, Manchester Metropolitan and Salford). The education audit undertaken annually has approved the placement for two student nurses at a time for 6-8 weeks in the student’s third year. Students on community placement in their second year may request, through the Education Co-ordinator, one weeks placement, if the full allocation for third year students is not used.

Counselling students from the University of Salford , MANCAT and other BACP Accredited  courses can apply for a placement once they have already accrued 50 hours experience in another placement. (please see person specification).  Students will work with a maximum caseload of 3 clients at any one time and will need to commit to a period of 9-12 months for this placement. Mentoring and peer supervision is provided in house.

With each and every placement we aim to give the student a valuable and enjoyable experience.  All we ask in return is that they demonstrate a high level of commitment during their time at Springhill Hospice.

For further information on work experience placements, please contact Jenny Sharp, Administrator at jenny.­sharp1@­nhs.­net

For further information on student placements, please contact Ann Gray (for student nurse placements) at ann.­gray7@­nhs.­net or Alison Hepworth (for student counsellor placements) at alison.­hepworth@­nhs.­net